Li-Ft Tattoo Lightening and Removal

Li-ft is an all natural, exceptionally safe, and extremely effective product that is used to lighten/remove tattoos. It contains 2 different fruit seed extracts and super high salt concentration. The solution is tattooed into the skin (just like you would get a tattoo), except we use an anesthetic to keep you comfortable. Pigment under the surface of the skin is targeted and the molecules are slowly destroyed by the lightening solution. 


Each removal session requires 8 weeks to heal between session, while the solution continues to work under the surface of the skin. The lightening process can cause the ink appear darker before it actually begins to lighten. Every tattoo will react differently to this process, there is no way to predict exactly how many removal sessions will be necessary for your tattoo. There is no exact science to predict how many sessions YOUR tattoo will take to remove/lighten; only your skin can determine how quickly it heals and accepts the process. Removal/Lightening does take time to see results, clients should be aware of this before beginning treatment.

Li-ft was designed for permanent make up removal and small body art pieces (size of a deck of cards). 

There is a 12 week waiting period between removal and any tattoo, including Microblading. This will ensure that the removal solution is out of your system. 

The healing process for this procedure is different than that of a traditional tattoo and requires you to keep the area dry for 10 days. No working out, sweating, exposure to heat, sun, or water during this time. After the first 10 days, you will need to apply vitamin e oil to the area 3-4 times a day. Detailed instructions will be give to you at the time of the procedure. 

Best results will be seen in 5 - 6 sessions.


3 Sessions - $425

5 Sessions - $680

7 Sessions - $900

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